“BattleBots Update” came from humble beginnings in 2008 as a weekly column on a now-defunct comedy website that I used to write for. It was my last regular column there before I departed from the project. Back then, the website would upload an archived episode of BattleBots from the Comedy Central era (from my own VHS collection no less) every Saturday, and on the following Sunday the corresponding BattleBots Update column covering that episode would be posted. Content-wise these old articles were very brief and rough around the edges compared to what’s produced for this website, but back then this was fairly new ground. No one was uploading clips and fights from the original seasons and once I got some help sharing the contents of my tape collection others followed suit; today you can now watch every episode of BattleBots on YouTube along with other series such as Robotica and most of Robot Wars (UK, Dutch, Nickelodeon, and US).

Despite this, the original BattleBots Update was not a successful project. The column would be revived in name only for a one-off piece I wrote about Killer Robots, Science Channel’s mini documentary about Robogames, in 2011. That article gained some traction, though it was not enough to fully bring BattleBots Update back from the dead.

Time passed. There were always rumors and speculation that BattleBots would return to television someday, but these plans never came to fruition. That is, until ABC — of all networks — got involved. In 2015 it was announced that BattleBots was officially coming back on the air after 12 years of absence. The fabled sixth season was officially happening. I knew what that meant. I had heard my calling, it was time for The Update to make its comeback. I scrambled to register battlebotsupdate.com, this time taking the project solo instead of it being at the mercy of whoever was employing me to write for them at the time, and I took a swing at 2015’s reboot season. Despite the hasty and rocky start BattleBots Update “3.0” was finally a hit; fans loved it, the builders and teams got in on it, and even BattleBots themselves endorsed the website as a hilarious (but crude) comedy spectacle. You know what they say, third time’s a charm.

Since then I’ve continued with the project as BattleBots transitioned from ABC to Discovery Channel (where I think it should’ve been this entire damn time). And while BattleBots was in its off season this website expanded its coverage to the brief reboot of England’s Robot Wars meaning I should’ve picked a less confusing name for this website. Regardless, if BattleBots was going to make its return then damn it so was I. I was committed to this project back in 2008/2011 and even though I’m flying solo I’m happy to be doing what I love once again.


My name’s Andre but you can call me Draco. I’ve been writing and performing comedy to some degree since 1995. My history of content includes being a stand-up comedian (1995-1999, 2002, 2006, 2009-2013, 2021-), recording spoken word comedy albums (1995, 1997, 1999, 2003, 2008), event presentation, theatrical acting, acting for film and web series, writing the aforementioned film/video content, screenplay writing, writing books (2011, 2021), and of course writing columns and editorials on various subjects (video games, films, robot combat). As mentioned previously “BattleBots Update” has been promoted by the BattleBots company, but some of my other accolades include having works published via outlets such as VentureBeat, Bit Mob, and Atari Age.

One of the things I’m asked about most often regarding BattleBots Update is “do you mean the things you write here?” The answer to that is absolutely not. This website and the persona I adopt for it is a farce; the content here is outrageous and hyperbolic because it’s meant to come so far from left-field that its absurdity is what makes it funny. This is especially true when it comes to some of the “spicier” jokes told here because the setup is that nobody would be ridiculous enough to say such things, yet there are “fans” of the sport out there who sometimes do hold opinions that are this stupid. The truth of the matter is I have a lot of respect for all of the teams and builders out there, even the ones that bring crappy robots. The biggest robots I’ve worked on weighed about 10 pounds and getting those ready for combat was a real challenge; I’ve never worked on a 250 pound heavyweight but I can only imagine it’s lightyears beyond what I’ve experienced in terms of logistics and difficulty. So yeah, even bringing a robot that sucks is deserving of commendation because this sport ain’t easy nor is it cheap. In that regard I don’t have a favorite team or robot, I’m genuinely a fan of everyone because every robot tells a different story.

Like I mentioned earlier I’ve got a pretty unique background in the performing and creative arts that’s extremely varied. Because of this I feel I have a unique perspective on humor and a very sharpened and refined ability to make others laugh. I believe this to be my God-given talent. I was put on this world to bring smiles and laughter to others, and that’s what I am to do. Even if my style of comedy is brash and irreverent it’s still a gift, and when I’m not writing schlock for this website I’m usually doing my best to live a life of faith and service to my community.


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I’m very well-versed in the sport of robot combat as well as the fields of robotics and engineering in general. I’d make a solid addition to your event(s) as an announcer or commentator. Between 2014 and 2016 I was the host & emcee of every FIRST Robotics FTC Super Regional event in San Antonio, TX. In 2017, after the Super Regionals had moved, I emceed the standard Regional event held outside of Austin, TX. Since 2013 I have also hosted an annual 24-hour charity telethon for Extra Life in order to raise money for Driscoll Children’s Hospital in Corpus Christi, TX. (In 2013 and 2014 I hosted the show from Extra Life’s event headquarters.) Currently, my efforts with Extra Life have placed me within the top 2% of fundraisers worldwide and I am ranked #1 for total funds raised for Driscoll. I also have a varied background in stage and theatrical performance including shows at special interest conventions. I am an honors graduate of Texas A&M University in the fields of broadcast media and journalism.

I’d be more than happy to be a guest on a podcast or similar project. If you’re an event organizer and would like to request my involvement with your show please reach out to me, I’d love to work out a deal that benefits each of us!