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Just gonna borrow this from the first article.

Welcome back to BattleBots Update. If all has gone according to plan you are reading this on or around October 21, 2022 (or way later if you’re from the future and reading old posts for some reason). If not, you’re reading this whenever I was able to post it as a consolation for fucking things up while in the middle of the taping for BattleBots‘ latest season. It’s not an exact science, okay? The internet is hard. It sucks, like Big Dill. Speaking of Big Dill we’ll be seeing it again in this second half of the “Vengeance in Vegas” BattleBots special!

We’re in the middle of the aforementioned Vengeance special of BattleBots because the 30-minute bonus episode featured ten fights and I felt like a ten fight article was going to be way too long of a post so I decided to chop it into two articles with five fights each. That’s easier to digest and peruse over the course of a lazy weekend. Last week’s article saw the curtain call for bots like Blip and Cobalt to take one last victory lap around the Battlebox while competitors such as Deadlift finally put some late points on the board. This week in the second half of the Vengeance episode we’ll see the return of P1 and Mammoth plus a second outing for Big Dill and Riptide. This episode kinda sorta has a “main event” at the end and that’s a battle featuring Jackpot.

But first we have P1 versus Lucky in a fight for low ground!

P1 vs. LUCKY

For this shot I want you to get the reflection of the red light right on Lucky’s butthole.

Most boys had a race car bed when they were kids. I know I did. It was bad ass. P1 is a race car bed for grown ups because it’s actually a racing themed killer robot. P1 is a bot that didn’t start winning fights until it got through some initial growing pains but once it did its front-hinged flipping arm was put to good use lifting and disorienting opponents. This season was perhaps the best showing we’ve seen from P1 because it finally qualified for the main tournament. By acting as a stout wedge P1 was able to put an early end to Hypershock’s budding killing spree in the Round of 32 however this high would not last because next in line was Sawblaze and early on in the fight Sawblaze sniped a drive chain on P1 killing its mobility. With the season over and done with P1 is here to show that it’s not over until it’s over so it’s ready for one last match before the team packs up to go home.

Lucky has been kicking around since the second season of the series reboot. This is a heavily armored pneumatic flipper that’s the next evolution of the super heavyweight Ziggy from the glory days of early Robogames tournaments. Lucky’s tangoed with some of the best but that early success didn’t translate over into BattleBots very well because this robot has sucked out loud. Until this season, that is. Lucky seemed to turn over a new leaf as it dominated its Fight Night matches. Lucky was beating Tantrum until it was nice enough to free Tantrum from being stuck on the wall. Lucky toppled Blade with a well timed flip and did the same to Mammoth. Lucky qualified for the primary tournament but its first opponent was Copperhead who wasn’t fucking around and stripped Lucky of its parts and stole the win. Lucky showed up for BattleBots: Champions and managed to lose to Switchback so I guess it burned up all that mojo early on because that’s fucking embarrassing.

Don’t be fooled by the motion blur, this fight sucks!

Lucky comes into this fight with what looks like a hinged blade of some sort on its front flipper. It’s also wearing heavy duty armor panels on either side of its front end just in case P1 showed up with a goddamned bazooka or something I guess. Both robots start posturing around the arena looking for an opening but neither one is giving up an inch. These are two control bots of sorts so they’re both going to be executing the same plans. Also of note is Matt Olson isn’t driving Lucky for this fight, designer and builder Mark Demers has taken up the controls. I guess Matt had a hot date with some RC cars somewhere. So far the fucking floor is scoring the most points here with how often these robots’ ground-scraping weapons are hitting seams but eventually Lucky catches a break and gets underneath P1. Strangely Lucky doesn’t fire off its flipper and instead just takes P1 into the wall. I think the audience noise for this fight is borrowed from another more exciting one.


One singular person in the distance shouts “let’s go Lucky” so I guess we know who has the hearts of the crowd for this fight. Lucky and P1 bump heads a couple of times and P1 loses the gravity game because it’s the robot that rebounds up and away from these collisions but we’ve yet to see any action from Lucky’s flipper. From one camera angle we get a better look at Lucky’s face and it appears the reason why we’re not seeing any action from the flipper is because the front blade thing on Lucky is just a wedge, it’s not part of the flipping arm; Lucky is actually using its shorter punching arm for this fight for some fucking reason. Lucky hits a snag in the floor and pops a wheelie. P1 tries to capitalize but can’t quite hit its mark and get underneath the behemoth flipper. P1 digs one of its short forks into the Killsaws and the fork goes deep enough to hit the hazard even while it’s retracted. Lucky comes in for a cheap shot but only manages to knock P1 free of the snag.

Lucky gets underneath P1 again this time over by the red square and it looks like P1 travels far enough up Lucky’s wedge to be in the danger zone of its puncher but again no action from the weapon. In Lucky’s previous fight where it lost to Switchback I remember its flipping arm getting jammed so for all I know the fucking thing is probably broken. P1 retaliates by finally getting some purchase under its opponent but Lucky falls off of P1’s wedge before P1 can get its lifting arm into play. The 1:30 timer appears on screen to denote the halfway point of the fight. Someone please kill me now. The robots resume posturing in the center of the box while the crowd starts chanting “fight fight fight”. I don’t think this is going to do anything but I guess it’s worth a try. I assume fights like this are the reason why there’s an active weapon rule in BattleBots now because otherwise we’d just see wedge-offs like this with no action whatsoever. A bunch of boring bad apples ruined the bunch back in the Comedy Central days I guess.

hello darkness my old friend

P1 jams one of its forks into another Killsaw slot for good measure and Lucky tries to deliver a box rush. That same person who cheered on Lucky earlier lets loose another “let’s go Lucky”. They must have money riding on this match. It did take place in Las Vegas after all. Lucky makes the dire mistake of reversing into P1’s wedge and jumps off of the front of the robot while P1 flexes its lifting arm again. Lucky jumps completely over P1 and misses the lifting arm so for what it’s worth the maneuver paid off. Lucky gets under P1 proper and rams the race car into the front of the Upper Deck. P1 is basically on top of Lucky by this point so if Lucky doesn’t fire its goddamned flipper I swear to god I’m going to punch a hole in the wall. Thankfully I don’t need to get out the sheetrock mud because Lucky’s flipper goes off and P1 flips through the air and lands perfectly on top of the center spire of the shelf with one set of wheels off the ground and the other seemingly touching the ground but not getting enough traction to move.

Brandon Zalinsky can’t believe it. He’s dumbstruck. Yeah, because he was totally going to win this snoozefest. The ref counts out the incapacitated P1 and Lucky skates away with its final win of the season. Thank god.



Now kiss.

Up next is an exhibition fight dubbed the “chair match” because both robots have set up in the arena armed with metal folding chairs. The idea is they’re going to whack each other with the chairs like this was a wrestling match. It’s a novel idea and it’s the only gimmick battle of the season so I’m all for it. We need to be able to unwind and do more goofy shit like this. Overhaul has been around since the first reboot season but hasn’t competed every year since then like some of the other competitors have. This is because Overhaul is a bright blue pile of junk that couldn’t win a fight if its life depended on it. It only had two Fight Night qualifiers this year (which it lost) and it competed in Champions (where it lost again). Granted, Overhaul’s loss to Black Dragon in the Champions event was an uphill battle for Black Dragon but still a loss is a loss and Overhaul’s got 13 of ’em to show for.

Big Dill is back in the arena again for its second exhibition match. You can’t blame Emmanuel Carrillo for wanting to make the absolute most of this season since his team wasn’t selected as a primary competitor for the Giant Nut. They made the trip all the way out to BattleBots and god damn it they’re going to get as many fights as they can fucking get. I’ve already summarized Big Dill’s season performance (one loss to Bloodsport in the post-season rounds) so there’s not much to say other than we saw Big Dill battle Blip earlier in this episode and Big Dill wound up losing when Blip turned it into a fucking lawn dart and stuck its ass into the floor of the Upper Deck. Big Dill maybe could’ve won that fight since Blip lost a wheel but its lifting forks were out of commission after the first hit so there’s not much it could’ve done. Looks like the forks are working for this fight though… otherwise we wouldn’t be seeing any chair action.

Overhaul performs what appears to be a jump tackle?

Overhaul tries to draw first blood by swinging its chair down and missing. The two bots get tangled up in each other and in the fray Overhaul loses its grip on its chair and drops it. Meanwhile Big Dill’s chair must be zip tied on or something because it’s looking pretty rigid. Big Dill takes a couple of swings at Overhaul who scrambles to pick its chair back up but Big Dill knocks it away a second time. Big Dill is absolutely going ham on Overhaul with its chair landing at least a dozen swings. None of these hits are doing any damage but that’s not the point, this is just a goofy demonstration fight and Big Dill is definitely winning. Overhaul picks its chair back up but it takes a stray blow from the Pulverizer which warps the whole thing. Overhaul gets back in the fight with its bent up chair and does a spin maneuver with it that results in the chair losing some of its legs and a whole ass tire pops off of one of the rims on Overhaul. This is why Overhaul never wins fights.

Overhaul starts landing some hits with its chair but the piece of portable furniture is looking pretty worse for wear; it’s all bent to hell and coming apart and eventually after a few more slams it just crumbles into dust and Overhaul drops it. Overhaul changes up its game and grapples onto the front corner of Big Dill. That’s a foul! This is a direct violation of the spirit of the fight because Big Dill can’t retaliate on account of having a fucking chair strapped to its lifting device. Overhaul eventually lets Big Dill go and the pickle bot realizes it’s officially “on” now so it speeds away to line up a box rush on Overhaul to deliver a little something extra with its next volley of chair attacks. Big Dill gets underneath Overhaul with its armored front end and starts cruising around the arena while swinging its chair down. The crowd starts cheering Overhaul on by chanting “take his chair” which is a weird thing to chant but whatever.


Overhaul tries grappling with Big Dill again but misses. Big Dill charges at Overhaul and hits it with its chair and finally the legs give way on Big Dill’s chair and it breaks off. I guess now’s the time to take the chair??? Now the fight turns into a more traditional battle and both robots start going at each other. Overhaul flips Big Dill over and since Big Dill’s lifter isn’t acting like a piece of shit this round the robot is able to right itself and stay in the fight. Big Dill is playing at a disadvantage though because it still has a chair leg strapped to one of its forks which is impeding its ability to actually get underneath Overhaul. Because of this Overhaul topples Big Dill yet again. Big Dill gets back on its wheels in the last ten seconds of the fight and is able to get one lift on Overhaul that doesn’t quite roll it over before the clock winds down on the battle.

The judges score the fight for Overhaul which I think is pretty dubious. This is a gimmick fight so I’d assume we’re supposed to be looking at how effective the robots were at beating each other with their chairs and in that scenario Big Dill clearly won the fight. Overhaul couldn’t hang onto its chair and lost it so it wound up just attacking Big Dill normally which I feel wasn’t in the spirit of this exhibition. But whatever, Big Dill wins a total of zero of its fights this year and Overhaul gets its first win since 2018. Really there are no true winners here.

WINNER: Overhaul, Judges’ Decision (3-0)


Look honey it’s Rampage’s first across the box slam!

Mammoth is probably one of the most divisive robots in BattleBots today. People either like this robot because of its unconventional design or they hate it because it’s not competitive. My opinion of Mammoth is somewhere in the middle. I think it’s good that Mammoth isn’t just another goddamned vertical spinner but at the same time what the fuck is this thing supposed to do? I mean really? Mammoth only won one of its qualification battles this season and that’s only because Hijinx lost a wheel on its own with little to no input from Mammoth. While I do think it was screwed out of its win against Tombstone the refs made their call however bad it was and Mammoth lost the fight. Mammoth made it into the main tournament to replace Glitch after Glitch had to drop out and Witch Doctor basically demolished this thing. It also had no counter to Retrograde’s undercutting blade in Champions and lost that match too. That’s nearly an 0-5 season for Mammoth that it narrowly avoided because Hijinx sucks just a little more.

You can’t have a conversation about crappy robots without the community’s whipping boy Rampage. This is a robot built on a budget by some family in Florida and it has never won a fight. Ever. Last season it looked like a shittier Bite Force and this year it looks like a shittier End Game. It even has little front wedgelets to match End Game’s. Rampage only had two qualifier fights this year because what’s the fucking point. It lost to Retrograde after it got flipped over and had one of its wheels pulled off and it lost to Mad Catter because Mad Catter kicked this thing through the air and onto the shelf. Rampage exists as proof that anyone can get involved with BattleBots but it also exists as proof that you’ll never win a fight unless you have deep pockets or lots of sponsors. The era of building things in your garage and being able to win a fight or two ended a long time ago and Rampage is just a relic of a bygone era of the sport.

Mammoth, not winning the fight.

After doing nothing more than running over it with its tire Mammoth has managed to crumple one of the front wedgelets of Rampage. Can you really call them “wedgelets” when they appear to just be pieces of sheet metal bolted onto the front of the robot? Also why the fuck do you need wedgelets to fight Mammoth? Mammoth is all ground clearance, if you can’t get under Mammoth it’s probably because you’re also driving another fucking Mammoth. Rampage is getting its dinky little spinner into play and there are some sparks coming off of things here and there but it doesn’t look like any serious damage is being done. Mammoth also has its rotary lifter going but Rampage is too low to the ground for its front end to get caught by the blade so Mammoth’s lifter just deflects off of it. After a few seconds of Mammoth driving on top of Rampage over and over again it looks like Rampage may have actually done some damage here; Mammoth’s right front strut looks to be bent upward. That’s plastic, not metal, so if it’s bent that means there’s probably a break in it somewhere.

Ah, the meditation and levitation strategy.

Sure enough with a little more finagling that strut on Mammoth starts flapping around in the breeze so we now know either Rampage has enough power in that weapon to break plastic or Mammoth just rebounded poorly and landed weird on its front end. I’m betting the latter. More importantly however is a chunk of brown piping that falls off of Mammoth a few seconds later. Now this is actual damage being done by Rampage. Yeah I’m just as shocked as you. I can’t see from where on Mammoth this part fell off of but if it’s pipe that’s structural damage to the beast. Not good. Mammoth gets stuck on top of Rampage and Rampage slowly cruises across the box and smashes Mammoth into the Upper Deck. Mammoth’s weapon flexes upon impact and sheds one of its two metal gripping teeth. Rampage then follows this up with an attack that straight up launches Mammoth into the air causing it to bounce off of the Upper Deck and land upside down. Fucking Rampage! Is this like the one robot that Rampage is actually effective against? This thing lost to fucking Black Widow last season and that was just a giant BBQ pit with legs and the world’s shittiest drum spinner but somehow Mammoth is the one falling behind here.

Mammoth is sometimes able to flip itself back over so the fight’s not quite over just yet. Sure enough Mammoth starts rolling around on its rotary lifter and the robot almost rights itself. Instead, however, Mammoth flips onto its ass and its flexible rear strut folds underneath the weight of the robot and Mammoth balances perfectly on its backside with no wheels touching the ground. Ricky Willems says it’s cool. Yes Ricky it’s so cool that you’re about to lose the fight because of it. Rampage does the sportsmanlike thing and bumps into Mammoth to help it get back onto its tires and Mammoth’s ass proceeds to fold completely in onto itself and tucks underneath the robot’s frame. Without Mammoth’s back strut you really kind of get a good look at what the robot actually looks like and it’s just a trapezoid made out of tube steel with some wheels on it. Rampage helps the audience see the illusion better by finishing off the broken right strut on Mammoth leaving only the left one for Mammoth to lean on. No arm, no ass, Mammoth is looking pretty haggard right now.

While we’re here does anything else want to fall off of this shitty robot?

Eventually Mammoth’s ass unfolds from under it and the robot resumes trying to grab and claw at Rampage. It manages to spin Rampage around at one point but that’s it. Rampage returns the favor by hitting Mammoth hard enough to shake loose one of its two big ass weapon chains. Mammoth can still attack because it has a second chain but the slack one is just more points for Rampage in this shit show of a fight. Mammoth has been absorbing a lot of hits with its two inside ram plates that Rampage keeps hitting and at one point Rampage hits one hard enough to very nearly knock it loose. If that plate falls off then Rampage will have free reign to chew at Mammoth’s drive system. There’s only ten seconds left in the fight though so that doesn’t get to happen but if there was another minute on the clock Mammoth would probably be screwed.

The fight ends and I can’t believe I’m saying this but there’s a clear winner here and it’s not Mammoth. Rampage’s front wedgelets have all pretty much disintegrated but Mammoth is out here with an ass that’s falling apart, missing an arm, missing a weapon chain, missing a weapon tooth, and missing a chunk of pipe that fell off from somewhere. Rampage wins this fight and doesn’t just win it but wins it convincingly. This is a robot that lost to a BBQ pit painted like a fucking spider just one season ago. Rampage could be on the verge of turning over a new page in its career but we’ll never know because the robot wasn’t accepted for the upcoming season of BattleBots. Welp.

WINNER: Rampage, Judges’ Decision (3-0)


I’m just glad we get to see a fireworks show for once.

Blade is proof that all you need to do to be known as “The [Country] Tombstone” is be from another country and build a robot armed with a large spinning horizontal blade. We don’t do that for any other robot. It’s not like we’re calling End Game “The New Zealand Bite Force” or whatever, no, we just call it “Orange Bite Force”. This was Blade’s first international season with BattleBots and although the robot is definitely powerful it had a less than stellar performance. At one point it hit the wall so hard with its weapon that it just sheared the aluminum part of the blade clean off. Blade was able to at least scrape up a pre-season win against Dragon Slayer before failing to qualify and being out for the year. Blade entered into Champions and defeated Kraken so badly that Kraken’s team retired it but wound up losing to Bloodsport when its ass got busted open. For some reason Cheog-Gyu Hwang thinks he has what it takes to dismantle fucking Valkyrie though so we’ll see how that unfolds.

Valkyrie has been around for quite a while now and its powerful spinning disc (or blade, sometimes) has become iconic within the sport. The robot possesses a ton of firepower but sometimes it just needs help getting along, like it did this year. Valkyrie lost to P1 after catching fire and losing its weapon so the producers fed it an underweight Triple Crown and a weaponless Pardon My French. Anything to ensure the poster children don’t get eliminated in the qualifiers. Gotta keep those ratings up!!! After all that bullshit Valkyrie met with Blip in the Round of 32 and lost anyways. Whatever. Much like Blade we also saw Valkyrie take part in BattleBots: Champions and it also won one fight and lost its second; it beat SMEE because come the fuck on and it lost to Hypershock because Hypershock fucking murdered it. Valkyrie has bunny ears on for this fight because I just noticed Blade is using its carrot-shaped weapon. I will never understand South Korea.

Do you feel it yet Mr. Krabs?

Blade and Valkyrie get their weapons up to speed as expected but Blade whips around to ram into Valkyrie with its backside. The obvious strategy here is to absorb blows with its armored plow to slow Valkyrie down and then spin around 180 degrees to attack with its own weapon. Bold strategy considering the last time Blade attempted this Bloodsport cracked its plow hinge and bent the armor downward preventing Blade from moving. Blade just says “fuck it” and starts doing its spin move and hits Valkyrie head-on. No apparent damage is done. Blade tries this a second time and now Valkyrie’s front panel of armor across its nose has started to come loose. Valkyrie runs away to rev back up to speed while also looking for an opening on Blade before cruising back in to strike it straight on. The hit peels back the remainder of Valkyrie’s front armor panel and leaves Blade looking dazed near the corner.

Valkyrie goes wide and comes back in for another attack on Blade losing one of its goofy ass decorative ears in the process. Blade responds by doing its little tornado move and manages to rip a chunk out of Valkyrie’s right tire. Even worse for Valkyrie though is that its weapon starts to spin down and presumably dies. No telling what broke to cause that but considering Hypershock pulled the entire fucking thing off in Valkyrie’s previous fight it’s a safe bet that this is probably residual damage. Valkyrie is looking worse for wear but Blade only has drive on one side because that big exchange that spun it into the corner apparently locked up its right wheel. The ref starts counting Blade out making me wonder where the fuck he was when Blade only had one side of drive for literally all of the Skorpios fight but whatever. Rules are just suggestions in BattleBots. Valkyrie was on the ropes because Blade’s weapon is still roaring but because Blade lost a side of drive it’s out and Valkyrie is spared another ass beating.

WINNER: Valkyrie, KO


Riptide hits the jackpot.

Jackpot has had a hell of a BattleBots career. What was once a $4,000 garage build that went undefeated in the qualifiers of its rookie season has become this monster of a machine that just wrecks shop with its big ass double diamond spinners. Jackpot kicked so much ass this year that it only needed two Fight Night matches to make it into the main tournament. Either that or the show was behind schedule and running out of time so robots at 2-0 were just allowed in since they’d qualify anyways. Doesn’t matter, Jackpot wins fights. In the main tournament Jackpot eliminated Tombstone by absorbing the blows Tombstone dealt and causing the former champion to damage itself. Jeff Waters must’ve been stoked as fuck after that match but the celebrations were short lived because Blip was next in line to ruin his hopes for the Giant Nut just like it did to so many other teams this year. Jackpot has a chip on its shoulder and Riptide is the nearest punching bag.

The episode calls this a “main event” but I think that’s a retroactive title because none of these exhibition fights were actually main events when they happened. Still, Riptide getting a main event in its rookie year says something for the robot that Ethan Kurtz and his team put together. Riptide was featured in the first half of this episode where it defeated Bloodsport by split decision in a match where Bloodsport briefly caught fire and Riptide’s weapon died out. It was a slugfest for sure but I’m guessing Riptide was given the win based on control of the fight. Jackpot is a new type of opponent though and won’t be as easy to deflect as a horizontal spinner. Riptide has only fought one vertical spinner in Uppercut and Riptide was able to avoid Uppercut’s blade and hit its tires. Jackpot has no exposed wheels to hit and it can flip itself back over so Riptide better be ready for a long match because Jackpot sure as fuck is.

I can think of a different four letter word for the underside of this robot.

Jackpot is a little slow on the draw to get its weapons spinning and because of this it takes a shot to the face from Riptide that knocks the robot backwards into the screws on the Upper Deck. The hit also slows down Jackpot’s weapon from its startup phase meaning the robot has to basically come back up from a near standstill to get going again. Riptide is going full blast though and leans into Jackpot striking it on the front again and sends it twisting through the air. Jackpot doesn’t even have time to fucking land before Riptide is already on its ass yet again smacking Jackpot and sending it twisting through the air. This whole time Jackpot keeps landing on its wheels though which is good because it means Jackpot doesn’t have to use its slow srimech to flip back over and get away which would open it up to attack. Riptide lands a glancing blow to Jackpot that tips the robot forward and causes it to get stuck on its front end. For all the power that double diamond spinner has it just doesn’t have the starting torque to knock the robot back down onto its wheels. Jackpot is genuinely dead in this position.

Riptide takes a few minutes to dispose of Jackpot’s shitty little minibot that it borrowed from Tracer. Jeff Waters shouts over to the Riptide team to hit his robot. Ethan Kurtz obliges and slams into Jackpot again. It’s a solid blow that throws Jackpot back out into the arena but hilariously it doesn’t actually flip the robot over. Jackpot lands on its backside and it should be able to right itself with its srimech but it appears to not be in working order because all we see is the “oh heck” printed on Jackpot’s ass and no motion from the robot. Riptide lines up a perfect shot on Jackpot and kicks it right in the dick. It’s a shame that we don’t have Chris and Kenny for these fights because I know Kenny would bring back a “HUGE HIT THERE” for this shot; Jackpot is thrown all the fucking way across the box and one of its top panels is dislodged causing its guts to spill out onto the floor. If Jackpot’s self-righter wasn’t working before it sure as shit ain’t working now.

Jackpot’s out and Riptide’s hoard of “WINNER” tokens grows. That’s two wins in this exhibition special, more than what Big Dill can say. Whoops.

WINNER: Riptide, KO


And that’s the Vengeance in Vegas special! As far as I know there is no other content from season 11 that hasn’t been accounted for. There’s the recent second trip to Amazon re:MARS but that’s a “between seasons” kind of thing, I’m saying everything that was taped at season 11 has now made it out. All the preliminaries, all the main fights, all the Champions fights, all the unaired fights, and all the exhibition fights. Like I said this is the season that just would not fucking die! And again I mean that in the best way possible! We need to have more fun stuff like this at BattleBots! I wish that we could do more rumbles that have more than three robots in them but sadly as long as that fucking shelf is in the way we won’t ever see rumbles again most likely. But I also want to see some stuff lifted from the old Robot Wars series like Annihilators and such. There’s so much more to robot combat than 1-on-1 fights.

If all went well this article should’ve posted while taping for season 12 is underway. I wrote this article ahead of time so, uh, taping is going great. Nothing fucky happened with my flight itinerary. I did not have any trouble getting to the venue. Just gonna cross my fingers and hope that both of those come true. I’ll let you know in the event report.

No article next week as I’ll still be at taping, haha. But stick around because I’ll have an event report soon! Still talking in advance here but I plan on using the production “dark” days to work on the article ahead of time while still enjoying what else Vegas has to offer. When I get back home I have a big charity event to take care of November 5th and 6th and immediately following that I will need to parse and edit the video recording of that event so that’s going to take some time too. If you are interested in that I’ll share some links to it on the BattleBots Update page on Facebook. Or rather, I will have already shared the links because this is happening during taping and I won’t have enough time when I get back home to prep everything!

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So what’s next for BattleBots Update? Well there’s the 2022/2023 season event report to look forward to when I get back home. As far as when this new season will debut on television? I wouldn’t get your hopes up for anything until 2023. I don’t have an inside source on that but I doubt Discovery Channel is going to premiere a brand new season of one of their best shows right in the middle of the holidays when people are traveling and watching Christmas movies. It just makes sense to wait until at least January at the earliest. A while back I held a poll on Facebook about what you guys wanted to see next and the winner was Robotica so I’ll be rewinding the hands of time to go back to season one of that show. It’s a short season so it shouldn’t take too long. After that? Probably Antweight Anarchy. I love that show, and I also did promise the crew I’d feature it on BBU.

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