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Thumperizer (2001)

Tha Thumperizer!

  • Built: 2001
  • Weight: CLASSIFIED
  • Class: LEGO Mindstorms Challenge
  • Objective: Stunts / Best in show
  • Device: Dual spinning vertical bars, music module
  • Drive Power: 2x LEGO Mindstorms motors
  • Device Power: 2x LEGO Mindstorms motors
  • Autonomy: N/A
  • Operating Voltage: 9V
  • Record: Best in Show, 2001 Robolympics Challenge
  • Status: Retired

Tha Thumperizer, more commonly referred to as just “Thumperizer”, was the first LEGO Mindstorms robot assembled by Twilight Foundry Robotics. Built in 2001, Thumperizer required the skills of three designers in order for the robot to perform its crowd-pleasing duties at a 2001 “robolympics” event held at a local high school. Thumperizer was the de facto winner of the event’s “Best in Show” award by virtue of being the only robot entered in the category.

The robot was designed with a “T” shaped chassis with two large wheels at its back and two spinning bars at either side of its tip. Though the spinners had been adorned with colorful patterns and looked nice while in motion, their primary intention was to allow Thumperizer to be able to harness their centrifugal energies to assist in performing “stunts” such as one-wheeled turns. In addition to performing driving maneuvers, Thumperizer’s onboard Mindstorms “RCX” unit was programmed to play rudimentary music during its performance.

Thumperizer was dismantled and retired after its inaugural event. A follow-up robot, “Things That Go THUMP in the Night”, was built the following year, however its design was never officially completed and the robot did not participate in any events.


Thumperizer II, partially assembled (2002).

Thumperizer II, partially assembled (2002).