When the brackets are made and competitors look upon them and find a match-up with Kill Switch they know they’re in for a fight that’s going to go the distance and a win they’ll have to work for. An indefatigable robot, Kill Switch’s unique blend of wood and aluminum armor made it a tough nut to crack and KO’s are a rarity.


  • CLASS: Beetleweight
  • WEIGHT: 3lb
  • RECORD: 5-9
  • STATUS: Active
  • WEAPON: Aluminum wedge
  • STRENGTH: Nearly indestructible
  • WEAKNESS: Not invertible, no srimech
  • SPECIAL: Uses tank tracks for extra traction


DARC Robot Rebellion 1.1 (2017)

SWARC Ant Rebellion 9.0 (2004)

  • vs. Fear Factor Sr, Win (KO)
  • vs. Sawtooth, Loss (JD)

SWARC Ant Rebellion 8.0 (2004)

SWARC Ant Rebellion 7.0 (2004)

SWARC Ant Rebellion 6.0 (2004)


Kill Switch, 2004

Kill Switch, 2004

Kill Switch, 2004